Soft Serv was founded as a sex worker friendly, adult social media platform.

The goal at SoftServ is to provide safe place for sex workers to network & promote themselves & their content.

As the recent years have passed social media websites have become more restrictive towards adult content, esepcially towards sex workers.  Social media sites punish reach & even bans users for being sex workers.  Panty selling sites don't obfuscate & protect the seller's identity by middlemanning transactions.  We want to fix that.  That's what I want to do with Soft Serv.   I want to create a social network that doesnt punish the reach of adult content, but treats it the same as the rest.  I want to give sex workers a place to sell online that protects their identity by allowing them to use their working name rather than their real name or a LLC that their tied to.  These are simple problems to fix and that's what we're going to do with Soft Serv

~Dr Good Touch

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